Founder's Message


I welcome you from the bottom of my heart at our Luxury Hostel.

It is with great privilege and honor that I write the very first post here. Let me start by giving you a quick introduction and intention behind starting Dwivedi Luxury Hostels.

When I arrived in Thailand for a vacation in the June of 2017, it was around the time of Full Moon Party. During my stay at a hostel in Koh Phangan, I met a few people who were very sad because they had lost their most important belongings, such as passport, credit cards, cash, phone, etc. from a hostel locker. It was really hard to believe that this was possible, but unfortunately it was a fact. Then, within 2 days, I noticed many people who lost their precious belongings from a party or another hostel.

On the same day, I met different people from another hostel who were not able to relax because of other guests in the room turning lights on and off and making a lot of noise all the time. Some of them were worried about charging their phones for the fear that somebody will take their phone while sleeping because the charging outlets were only available in the common area. Others were not able to sleep because of cheap mattresses and many other uncomfortable factors. The list of unpleasant experiences of guests from other hostels only goes on.

I thought to myself, “why these hostel owners don’t care about their guests’ experience? Their safety, privacy and comfort?” I was baffled. After a few days, I was walking near the beach and noticed a shop with a small note hanging on the inside, saying “shop for sale”. To this day I am not sure what urged me to walk inside the shop and start making a deal with the shop owner to buy it. Somehow, it all came together, the idea of a hostel that would provide all the necessary luxury for a respectable human being - safety, privacy & comfort. These would be the hallmarks of a new luxury way of hostel accommodation, a hotel experience for a price of a hostel.

Our aim is to build as many hostels as possible worldwide and change the idea and definition of a hostel with a full application of our motto: SAFETY, PRIVACY & LUXURY.

I can proudly say that we are the first hostel in the world with all the facilities in the room, including big mattress where 2 people could comfortably sleep in and which our guests can lock their rooms from in and out or use a beautiful curtain option.

We welcome all of your support, love and blessings on our journey of hostel luxury so that all travelers worldwide can experience safety, luxury and comfort of their home away from home. 

May all people, rich and poor, be inspired to travel and explore their life freely.

Many Blessings on Your Journey!

Anil K. Dwivedi