How to Find a Beach Hostel that Suits your Budget

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  • Sep  25, 17

Ko Phangan is a place where you will get plenty of beaches to enjoy the waves. Hence, you can expect to have ultimate fun here. However, your budget should be big enough to grant you limitless fun. Unfortunately, this is not possible for many of us. You may think of cutting down your unnecessary expenditures. Of course, you can do that. But, you can also think of saving your budget on accommodation. Opt to stay in Haad Rin beach hostels. They’re cheaper.

The growing popularity of beach destinations in Thailand has led to the set up of many budgeted beach accommodations. However, while doing the research, you should be careful whether the site where you’re researching for hostel in Ko Phangan update the prices. Some of the tips you can use to get a pocket-friendly hostel in that area are:

  • Seek Reference for Friends: Friends or the people in your circle can be the most reliable source of information. If anyone of them has stayed in such a hostel before, then get the feedback. Note down the name of that hostel. Also do a little bit research about that hostel online. Check whether the price he or she has mentioned is stable or it has been changed.
  • Get Discount Coupons: Many a time, the discount coupon sites offer discounts on hotels. You have to keep an eye on such sites to grab the best deal. Don’t forget to read the description before availaing the deal.
  • Check the Facilities: While finding a full moon hostel Ko Phangan that meets your budget, check the facilities offered. You surely won’t like to get a compromised service just to save your money. Make sure that the hostel is offering all the basic amenities and facilities to give you a comfortable stay.
  • Talk to the Manager: It’s always better to communicate directly to the manager. Ask him how many persons are going to stay with you. As for instance, You’re travelling alone. The room you’ve booked can accommodate upto 4 people. Then the total fare of the room will be shared among these 4 people including you. Consequently, you won’t have to pay much.
  • Bargain Before Visiting: Many a time, the hotels have fixed rate. But, the case can be opposite too, if you’re lucky enough. You should convince someone who is skilled in it in your circle to bargain with the manager. Never, to do this after your arrival at the hostel. It’s because he may not agree. And, if he doesn’t agree, you’ll have no option but to stay there.

In a Nutshell

Extensive research is required to get hostels at reasonable rates. You need to compare the rates so that you can get the hostel at a minimum price while enjoying all the luxuries. Do the research when you still have time in your hand. Otheriwse, the hostel that will suit all your requirements may be booked by others.

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